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Tuesday, March 1, 2005
(Washington, D.C.) A group of political experts announced today the creation of Latin Analysis, Inc., the first multinational group specializing in Latin American political analysis. Latin Analysis Press Release.

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Latin Analysis stands out from other providers of high-quality political analysis in the following ways:

  •  Our Focus is Latin America
    We are the only firm specializing in Latin America. And therefore, the only one that has designed political analysis tools and methods specifically for Latin America, such as our Political Insecurity Index™.

  •  We are bilingual and add a Hispanic perspective
    We are the only firm in the sector operating in English and Spanish. This means we can process information and analysis and offer it to our clients in both languages. This also means we add a specific Hispanic perspective (i.e.political culture, customs, idiosyncrasies, language) to the traditional standard approach.

  •  We combine both external and internal analysis
    The only firm that combines external analysis from our Associate Experts with internal analysis from our network of local contributors.

  •  Driven by demand
    Ours is a market driven approach. We study the demand and then design our products and services, not the other way around.

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