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Tuesday, March 1, 2005
(Washington, D.C.) A group of political experts announced today the creation of Latin Analysis, Inc., the first multinational group specializing in Latin American political analysis. Latin Analysis Press Release.

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At Latin Analysis, we combine our Associate Experts with a broad network of local contributors, to offer our clients complete analysis, both inside out and outside in, of Latin American political reality:

Ms. Rosa Ng Báez
Engineer. –Dominican Republic

Ldo. José Blanes (MA)

President of Centro Boliviano de Estudios Multidisciplinares.

Dr. Steve Billet
Professor at The Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) at The George Washington University.

Mr. Vamireh Chacón
PhD in Political Science–Brasil

Dr. Alejandro Chanona
Professor of International Relations. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Dr. Robert Daguillard
Journalist and expert in Caribbean politics, especially Haiti.

Ldo. Vladimir Kocerha (MA)
Peruvian journalist and Consultant specialized in Latin America.

Mr. Carlos Mattela (MA)

Portuguese Expert on Defense Issues.

Mr. René Antonio Mayorga
PhD in Political Science–Bolivia

Mr. Philip McLean
Senior Expert at CSIS (Center for Strategic International Studies), specializing in Latin America

Dr Bronislaw Misztal
Professor of Sociology at the Catholic University of America. He specializes in rapid social change and its impact on social (in)stability.

Ldo. Roberto Peña (MA)
Professor of International Relations. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Mr. José Esteves Pereira
PhD in Political Science Professor of the University Nova of Lisboa –Portugal

Mr. Abdelaziz Rahabi
Former Minister of Information and Former Ambassador in España –Argelia

Dr. Jorge Torres
PhD in Law . Director of Instituto de Desarrollo Latinoamericano (IDELA) –Argentina

Mr. Vicente Torrijos
Professor of Political Science and International Relations. University of Rosario in Bogotá –Colombia

Ldo. Pedro Trujillo
Professor of Geopolítics and International Relations. University Rafael Landívar of Guatemala

Mr. Rodrigo Vega
Director of Centro Latinoamericano de Relaciones con Europa (CELARE) –Chile

Our Network of Experts and Local Contributors

In addition, our network of Contributors includes over two hundred leading political actors, academics, government officials or consultants who are based in Latin America or are experts on the region. They contribute anonymously -this guarantees their objectivity- whenever their services are required. We then combine their input with that of our Associate Experts.

If you are interested in joining our network, please send us your information. Our selection process is very competitive and only a small part of all applications are taken further.

Latin Analysis enjoys excellent relations with several prestigious academic centers, based in Washington, D.C. such as the George Washington University and abroad, such as the International Relations Institute of the Complutense University in Spain, among many others.
Our Growing Network
If you believe you can offer credibility and independence combined with the capacity to deliver high-quality political analysis on one or more Latin Americans countries, please click below to open and fill out our application form.
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